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Example Demo Site

Please stay on (or choose) the ‘Producer’ theme initially to view all demo functions in working mode before checking out some of the other great themes. If our themes switcher is playing up  (whch can happen if we experience heavy traffic at times) please click Here to get back to the producer theme. These themes are for example only and the styles can be used as a starting base for your design.

This is a demo site only so bare in mind that it is not possible with so many ‘one click loading’ test themes, to have every function working on every single design as slick as we would like. We do hope however that it will help you see the versatile nature of web design and to get a feel for just a fraction of the functions we can include on your finished website. Let me run through a few of those now for you for demonstration purposes only. This is a three column layout design.

Please choose the default theme ‘Producer’ before you continue as we know that we have managed to include a few functions to demonstrate to you.

Now look at at the very top left hand corner – view the business logo? That could be your logo. Note the easy page navigation across the top of the site.

Now drop down a little and see your sites RSS Feed. These feeds are a very important way of promoting your site and we feel that they are vital to your SEO success.

You will also note that there is an optional ‘comments’ RSS feed. You can ask us to allow your site to have user comments displayed.  If you look along the top towards the right, you will see that your site will be fully searchable by your web visitors too.

Now lets explore the left hand sidebar.  The first thing you will see is our demo theme chooser. Go ahead and try out a few different themes, baring in mind that this is just a small sample of what we can offer. Underneath you will see that we have added a demo video. That could be your business promotion video!  Next is our translator function which allows your site to be read in no less that 48 different languages!  Go ahead and click on a country flag to view your site in one of the 48 languages! And now we come to the site links section (here you can add links to any other sites that you choose) for demo purposes, we have added two links. One is for your special search engine friendly XML site map. The other is for a user friendly site map for real people. At the bottom of pages you will also see a very tempting and easy to use ‘Bookmark Us’ function.

Now let’s look across the bottom of the site, you will see all the demo disclaimer and site policy pages:Anti-spam Policy, Disclaimer, Dmca Notice, E-mail Policy, Earnings Disclaimer, External Links Policy, Medical Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Terms Of Use, and Testimonial Disclaimer. Now not all of these pages will be required on every type of site and we can determine that when we build your custom site. These pages are important in keeping your site compliant in the search engines and can also prevent you from being sued! We are shocked at how few web design companies inform their clients that these features are required to protect your business website!

Lets explore the right sidebar now: See the ‘tag cloud’? This is a very nice feature for both search engines and visitors. Search engines can be fed your proffered keywords via this function and surfers can click on tags of interest and be taken right to the relevant content. Then we come to a dynamic function that will show new content titles of the most recent content to be added to your web site – helping your surfers to find recent news and keeping your static index page ‘fresh’ in the eyes of the search engines. Next we have a place for a simple images or advert for your business. We can also add contact details etc. Then at last we arrive at a list of your web site categories.

Please bare in mind this layout can be altered to suit you. You can have a single sidebar (left or right side), or none. The functions position, header and much more can be changed to suit you needs and personal preferences. If you go back to our main site by Clicking Here you can also view a sample gallery.  You should also note what displays in your address bar as you click around this site. Every relevant page URL is human readable and search engine friendly. You wont see sites from us comprising bad SEO URLs such as html etc. Such URLs do you no good in the search engines and your clients will certainly not remember  a web address like this either! The real magic is off course ‘under the hood’.  At Local Website SEO we turn code into poetry and make it work for your business web site.

These are just a small fraction of the many on-site functions that we can offer you, for your new business website. Contact Us for more details and a free no obligation quote. We also offer a 100% unique bespoke design service for all types of business websites.